Skiing and tubing = easy summer fun.

When there’s skiing and tubing to be done, Captain Jeffrey does it right! Whether you’re learning how to ski or an experience skiier, the Captain can adjust for fun in the sun. Tubers also enjoy super fast and easy going rides – whatever your style.

Ha Ha Tonka – Laughing spirit day trip :)

Another beautiful spring day at the Lake of the Ozarks. Time for a slight change of scenery with a quick day trip to Ha Ha Tonka. The castle sits above the Niangua arm of the Lake of the Ozarks – about a 30 minute drive from Laurie Missouri.

The castle was started in 1905 by Robert McClure Snyder, Sr., a Kansas City  businessman who purchased a large track of land with his partner. He decided to call the land he purchased “Ha Ha Tonka” which is an Osage Indian phrase meaning “Laughing Spirit” in reference to the gushing springs. Unfortunately Mr. McClure was killed in an auto accident – one of the first in Missouri – in 1906. The castle was completed by his two sons but was later destroyed by fire in 1942. Only the stone castle walls remain.

Ha Ha Tonka castle – before the fire.

Easy Day Trip and Hike.

After you drive up the winding road to the castle, it’s just a short walk to the top where the ruins are standing. The view from the top of the hill is expansive and beautiful – no wonder why he chose this space for a castle. There are also plenty of hikes and interesting landmarks in Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

Just a short drive from Camdenton Missouri – definitely worth a trip!

Golden April Evening

A golden sunset fills the western sky on a beautiful spring evening in the Lake of the Ozarks.. Soon the warmer weather – and the hum of boat engines in the air – will be here. Still waiting season.

Spring is here!

You have to take time to smell the flowers! And at the Lake of the Ozarks in the spring, thee are plenty of flowers to enjoy. From the purple ground cover clover, to the flowering dogwoods and the “wild” yellow daffodils, the colors and scents are a delight for the senses. Spring also means that boating season will be here soon 🙂

the end of winter :)

The signs of spring are here at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you’ve ever meandered down any of the lake roads, you’re bound to come across a sight like this. Lake people like to make sure their friends and family know which road to take – and take great pride in making sure their directions are both colorful and helpful!

Whether you’re looking for Dan’s Place or Yance’s (or even TRUELOVE!) , you’re sure to navigate to the right (or left) fork in the road. Spring is a great time to get familiar with the twists and turns (and potholes) of the lake roads.

So yes, the signs of spring are here. It can be a bit chilly and thunderstorms like to rumble through both day and night. But once in a while, we have a 60 degree day and we get to reintroduce our boat to the water 🙂 A smattering of ducks (and one or two seadoos) also enjoy the new season’s warmer weather – and promise of more to come!

Middle of March

Runoff from the recent rains gurgle and burble seemingless aimlessly but unabashedly determined to run through the ravine. The water dances and splashes over the rocks knowing their ultimate destination is to join the calming waters of the lake. Above the gurgling water, newly formed potholes – some quite deep – punctuate the gravel roads. Occasionally a deer jumps skiddishly through the woods. An early budding light yellow daffodil can be seen poking his head above the grounds. In the background, you can hear a rooster singing his cock-a-doodle-doo – even though it’s early afternoon. The signs of spring and softer weather are in the air.

Marching on.

It’s March at the lake and it’s still waiting season. We’ve had a particularly harsh winter this year in the Ozarks. As the last few weeks of winter come to a close, another snowstorm rolls by. No signs of the proverbial robin yet – but there are some mighty tough ducks out there.

Morning fog

Morning fog at the Lake of the OzarksMorning fog creeps in silently in the morning at the Lake of the Ozarks.  White puffs of steam meander slowly over the water as the sun meanders over the horizon.

October sunset

sunset at the lake of the ozarksOctober is relaxingly quiet at the lake … the rich colors of the sunset showcase the soft golds, burnt yellow and subtle orange as the sun slips down through the clouds.  You can hear the soft sounds of the geese honking and a lonely fisherman motoring home as the sun slowly sets on the horizon.  All quiet in the cove.

A rare day of sailing at the Lake of the Ozarks

The end of October was rather unusual as the sun was shining on a warm sunny day of 65 degrees and there was a rare wild wind blowing around the lake. Perfect time for a sail with Captain Jeffrey.